12 steps to KM success

Highlighted below are the 12 steps of a KM success framework adapted from Simon Walker's "12 Steps to KM success." Learn more

  • Value proposition: Does your organization have a compelling story on how KM will provide business benefit?
  • Strategic alignment: Do you need a KM strategy or is the KM program directly supporting the existing business strategy of the organization?
  • Organizational structure: What's the structure of your organization?
  • Managing performance: How is KM performance rewarded in your organization?
  • Cultural sensitivity: Do you think KM can change the organizational culture?
  • Technology: Does your technology enable KM or direct the solution?
  • Knowledge creation: How do you know what knowledge is important to your organization?
  • Knowledge structure: How will knowledge be structured for reuse?
  • Knowledge review: Will you review the knowledge before storing in a repository?
  • Knowledge reuse: How will employees search for knowledge to reuse?
  • Knowledge base vitality: Who owns the knowledge? Who’s responsible for updating and archiving? How will this be managed and resourced?
  • Environmental scanning: Do you continually scan the environment to ensure that your KM program is aligned with changes of organizational strategy?

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